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Whether you are looking for help with mental health or design, you have come to the right place.

I am an Associate MFT and gaining my hours for licensure at Boulevard Counseling & Wellness supervised by a fully licenced therapist. 

My background is in art/ design and am a part-time graphic designer. 

Daily Om-ment is a passion project that has been ongoing for three years. The book is published and is available for purchase here. The app version is almost done, stay tuned!



My name is Emily Allison Dittman and I am an associate therapist. I recently graduated from National University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. I finished my internship hours at Ojai Unified School District where I was trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and worked with students and parents collaboratively. I have worked as an art therapist at Vista del Mar Hospital where I gained experience with patients with a variety of backgrounds and diagnoses. I strive to utilize my empathy skills in every situation and session I have the privelege to be a part of.

I have an A.A. in graphic design and have been working as a freelance designer for 8 years. If you are looking for a logo, website or anything in between, I would be happy to hear about your creative needs. 



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